Folklorist Likes Dick's Funky Version of I's the B'y

CBC Radio One broadcast an interview between Ted Blades and Memorial University Folklorist, Dr. Phillip Hiscock, in February 2005. Dr. Hiscock has researched the history and legacy of the Newfoundland folk song "I's the B'y" and, in doing so, has listened to appoximately 80 recordings. The song was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on February 8.

The following quotes have been extracted from the interview:

Dr. Hiscock: "....There is a nice funk version, the tune that Dick Nolan did, I think it's my favourite version of it ....Dick Nolan did it about 1980...."

Ted Blades: "What do you say to the people who are sick to death of it and if they ever hear "I's the B'y" one more time it will be too soon?"

Dr. Hiscock: "I say ...they gotta listen to the funk version by Dick Nolan...."

Ted Blades: "...this Dick Nolan... version; tell me a little bit about that."

Dr. Hiscock: "Well this was recorded at the end of the 1970s so this is half a decade of disco in the air and a decade and a half of various kinds of R&B and funk music. So Jury Krytiuk, the producer, what he's done here is really funk up, the beat is completely changed, the tune is nearly unrecognizable in certain places and it's got this great groove. Whenever I hear it I start dancing a bit and I think, God this would be great live!"

End of Interview

(edited by Wayne J. Tucker)

Note: Dick Nolan's 'funky' version of "I's the B'y" appeared on the long playing vinyl album "Side By Each", the compact disc "Side By Each", and the compact disc/cassette tape"Newfoundland Saturday Night".

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