In the June 19, 2005 issue of The Newfoundland Herald, Kevin Kelly, presents eight of his favourite Newfoundland recordings which are not available on CD.   It's an interesting and divers list which includes Dick Nolan's 1966 release I'se the b'y, what catches da fish.   The other artists listed are John White, Ryan's Fancy, Peter Francis Quinlan, Joey Smallwood, the Wonderful Grand Band, Jim Payne and Kelly Russell, and the Sons of Erin.   Here's what Kevin had to say about "I'se the b'y....":

"He may be more known for 'Aunt Martha's Sheep', but Nolan had a huge career back in the day.   He's been nominated for a Juno award, appeared at the Grand Old Opry, and received three gold records out of his 40-plus recordings.

This particular album features Nolan taking on songs that are very much a part of our culture, from 'The Badger Drive' to 'Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's', among others.   The album is described as Nolan 'bringing to you some of the most humourous songs from this scarred Atlantic province' but also featured a more Maritime tune entitled the 'Ghost of Bras D'or'.   Bell Island is paying tribute to Nolan Aug. 7 as part of their Come Home Year Celebrations and this album is one of many of Nolan's you should pick up."

In the July 3 edition, The Herald published Wayne Tucker's list of eight of his favourite Newfoundland vinyl recordings which are not available on CD. This list includes Dick's Truck Driving Man and notes that Golden Rocket made it to No. 2 on the national country charts.

Kevin makes another trip to the vinyl vault in The Herald's September 4 edition.   He presents another eight Newfoundland classics including Dick's1966 release "Movin' Out".   The list also includes albums by Rex Hemeon, A. Frank Willis, Ryan's Fancy, Ray Johnson, Sons of Erin, Corey & Trina plus a compilation album by various artists including Dick.   Kevin says this about "Movin' Out":

"I've acquired a new appreciation for Dick Nolan in the last couple of years.   A Juno-nominated singer who released over 40 albums, he was deemed the 'Corner Brook Kid' and the 'Newfoundland Fugitive'.   Nolan lives up to that later persona on the cover of this one, as he sits on a bridge with a fresh eye-patch, heading out on the highway, with a cute blonde gal, also sporting a fesh eyepatch.

A 'super-stereo' release, 'Movin' Out' features covers of Johnny Cash's 'Egg Sucking Dog' and Mel Tillis's 'Mental Revenge' and also includes 'The Fool', a tune that encompasses the term, 'love 'em and leave 'em.'   On the album notes, Nolan is described as performing tunes with 'gut-deep, driving sincerity,' and there is no doubt about that when you listen to this album."

In addition to his duties as Senior Writer for The Herald, Kevin hosts a weekly radio program on Memorial University's radio station, CHMR-FM. The show, Upon This Rock features an eclectic mix of Newfoundland and Labrador music and airs on Saturday mornings from 10:00 am until noon. The selections vary from heavy rock to traditional and Dick Nolan makes an occasional appearance.

Hats off to Kevin, The Herald and MUN Radio for supporting Newfoundland and Labrador recording artists.

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