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Making music

By Stephanie Porter (St. John's)
The Independent
October 30, 2005

.... The highlight this time around?

The 8 Track Favourites will back Newfoundland country singer Dick Nolan to celebrate a lifetime achievement award, to be presented at the MusicNL closing gala.

"I think it's a milestone," Larry Foley, a memeber of the 8 Track Favourites says.   "You hear so many stories from veteran musicians, like 'Oh we were in such a place and we were playing with Dick Nolan' and it seems like long long ago and far away - it's cool to do it, but there is a sense of continuity about it."

The pairing was Nolan's idea - but, as Foley points out the band might have made the first gesture: on their recent CD, a Dwight Yoakam lyric was changed from "while we're dancing to an old Buck Owens Song" to "...a Dick Nolan song."

Dick Nolan Country | The Independent