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Dick Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

On November 6, 2005 approximately 800 people filled the auditorium at Exploits Valley High School at Grand Falls/Windsor, NL.   They came to see the MusicNL Awards show and to celebrate Dick Nolan's life in the music industry. 

Lloyd Bartlett, a musician from Dick's hometown of Corner Brook introduced Dick.   Then Dick performed Six Days On the Road, a country classic written by his personal friend, the late Dave Dudley.   It was a rare treat as Dick was backed by an excellent country band, the 8 Track Favourites.   Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, the Honourable Paul Shelley presented the Award and an emotional Dick delivered an acceptance speech.   The audience showed their appreciation with two standing ovations.

Those who were privileged to attend the post-awards party received an extra special surprise.   Dick performed an impromptu four-song set with Sandy Morris on guitar and Rod Chipman on bass.   He dazzled the crowd and filled the dance floor as he belted out Folsom Prison Blues, Give My Love To Rose, Wolverton Mountain and a reprise of Six Days On the Road.   All in all it was a rollicking tribute to the godfather of Newfoundland Country music.   What a night!
                                                                                                                              ....Wayne Tucker


Speaking Notes - Dick Nolan Acceptance Speech

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, and thanks to the 8 Track Favourites. It= s great to hear the old country standards.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to be here tonight and I want to thank Music-NL for this award and this wonderful show.

You know, I have spent most of my past 25 years in Toronto. But since I have returned home I have been impressed by the great music being made here by the singers, songwriters and musicians of Newfoundland and Labrador. I= m especially pleased to see the old folk music of this province being performed with new arrangements by these talented people.

I= ve had a long career and over that time I= ve seen the music industry in this province grow a lot. And I am proud to think that maybe in some small way, my experiences over the past 50 years may have made things a little easier for today= s musicians.

You know, I would have had a short career if nobody bought my recordings or came to see my shows. So I want to thank the people of this province for their tremendous support over the years.

However, I have to warn you that old Dick is not finished yet. I= m now writing my memoirs, and I hope that my RCA albums from the 70s will soon be released on CD.

I also want to say thank you to my dear mother for putting up with me banging away on my guitar on our old sun porch. She passed away just over a year ago at age 94.

Finally, I want to say that I wouldn= t have made it through the past 25 years without the love and help of my wife, Marie. Thank you, Marie.

And thank you all. God Bless You!

** end **

Novermber 6, 2005 - Grand Falls/Windsor
Lifetime Achievement Award


Dick Nolan Country